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Our goal is to give farmers a peace of mind

Neurofy team consists of scientists from universities around the world and together with manufacturers and IT developers from four different countries and a powerful management team

The Process

what we can smell, we can identify. Smelling is a powerful diagnostic tool that could be mapped

In Vitro pilot project to show that the odor can be a marker for identifying the needed volatile compound

Design and manufacturing of the final VOC to be used by farmers, hospitals and research organisations

The more VOC is used to collect the odor data, the more accurate it gets. collecting odor data related to the VOCs is the key to creating the odor fingerprint

Meet the Neurofy team

A team of experienced engineers and entreprenours with more than 30 years of experience in food industry and life science

Thanks to our dedicated team, we have developed a unique solution for farmers to diagnose animals and control the product quality without the need to send samples to research facilities