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Technological Solutions supporting animal farmers in their daily work

Enterprises around the globe offer solutions to animal farmers and invest heavily in R&D to provide best in class products and stay ahead of their competitors. It’s important that their solutions and product portfolios are attractive to the targeted market.

Industry 4.0 has been the guideline and roadmap for Enterprise to develop technological solutions supporting animal farmers in their daily work and off load them from heavy and repetitive work with e.g. robotic milking solutions or digitalization of the farm management.


Neurofy™ Edge

An sophisticated device with embedded cutting edge technology along with sensors providing an sensitivity level disease (and abnormalities) detection.All Neurofy™devices are IoT enabled to easily connect to the Neurofy™platform. There are 4 different types of devices available:

  • Handheld device for on the field diagnostics
  • Robotics device that can be installed on a robot inside the stable and monitor the animal’s health 24/7.
  • Testbed device allowing third parties developing other solutions in this friend to test and verify their data and results.
  • Integration device which can easily be integrated into enterprise systems.

Neurofy™ Cloud

An AI empowered diagnostics platform that can receive the data from the Neurofy™edge devices and return accurate diagnostics in less than half of a second. Thanks to Neurofy™algorithms the raw data received by the platform will be 1. analysed, 2. optimized, 3. processed and 4. diagnostics produced.


Neurofy™ Database

n an optimal world, access to fingerprints for all diseases would be available to everyone, but as we don’t live in an optimal world we have to build it ourselves. This is what Neurofy™has done for several diseases and keep completing data points for other diseases every day. Neurofy™database is a intelligent database analysing old and new data, local and global data and all other parameters to optimize the diagnostics result for better accuracy and faster diagnosis process