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Neurofy brings Artificial Intelligence to animal farms for diagnosis, early disease detection and quality control

We offer a total end to end diagnostics solution to animal farmers. Our edge device will offer diagnostics through odour detection and through our IoT network send the data to our AI empower cloud based platform and to the collaborating veterinaries. These veterinaries will later on be bookable for close digital inspection via video and audio solution in our app.


Neurofy™ Meat

An AI powered diagnostic tools to detect the presence of bacterial diseases in meat. A powerful device to detect the type of the meat and the blood and fat content. Neurofy-Meat can even detect whether the animal is slaughtered based on Islamic procedures. Neurofy-Meat can be used through out the supply chain from animal health in the barn to meat quality inside the fridge.


Neurofy™ Milk

Detecting Milk defections is one of the most important steps in milk production. A diseased cow can spoil the whole days milk production in a farm. Different type of bacterial diseases in milk can be detected using the integrated Neurofy-Milk devices.


Neurofy™ Diagnostics

Animal health in general is controlled by farmers observations and the help of veterinaries. Neurofy-Diagnostics will autonomously observe the animals and inform the farmer and even the veterinaries in case of abnormalities in the odors around the animal. Our base version will cover some of the most important and common diseases in the farm and offers solutions and guidelines to the farmers to isolate and eliminate the infection. More diseases detection applications will be downloadable later on in order to cover almost all animal diagnostic needs.