VOC Analayzer usage in food industry

VOC Analayzer usage in food industry



The food industry is always in need of more efficient quality control methods that offer faster and more accurate and more reliable results. from production to shipment, packaging until consumers plate, all involved need to make sure the food is healthy. A VOC analzer can control the food quality in every step of the way from production to consumers plate. The odor control is a very accurate and easy to monitor method to make sure that the food is always kept and handled in ideal conditions and the responsible quality controlling authorities are always informed about the condition of the production, shipment, packaging and delivery.

VOC Analayzer use cases in food industry

Mold Detection

Tons of harvest is lost due to mold growth and late detection every year in every farm Detection of mycotoxins is a close possibility by detecting the causing mold and informing the farmer about the possibilities and the steps he can take to eliminate the cause. Detection of mold growth even in big storage facilities is now possible with a stationary VOC analyzer with which the farmer receives notice and takes action. The use of a simple handheld Neurofy™ mold detection device will increase the chance of detecting the mold in early stages and gives the farmer the time to remove the unhealthy grain before it spreads and infect the rest of the crops.

Neurofy™ carried out a project in cooperation with Lantmännen and produced handheld device that are available to purchase for detection of a handful of mold variants. The number of detection capabilities will increase with time and as the related data is collected.

Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter

Infection with nontyphoidal serotypes of Salmonella generally results in food poisoning. Infection usually occurs when a person ingests foods that contain a high concentration of the bacteria. Infants and young children are much more susceptible to infection, easily achieved by ingesting a small number of bacteria. In infants, infection through inhalation of bacteria-laden dust is possible The use of a handheld VOC analyzer would increase the chances of detecting different types of salmonella, E.coli, campylobacter and other types of bacterial diseases in livestock and crops, effectively increasing the production

Metritis and Ketosis

Neurofy™ carried out a pilot projects to prove VOC analyzers can detect Ketosis in Milk and Metritis in cows. This pilot projects open a new gate in farm diagnostics and give hundreds of new possibilities to animal and livestock farmers to grow and harvest healthier food and make sure of the health of their animals in place without the need for delayed diagnostics that usually cause a lot of spoilage and death in animals and spreading of the diseases

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