Farmers around the globe have many common problems making the efficiency to suffer, operational cost to increase and loss of revenue. Neurofy™ offers the most advanced and reliable solution to address the animal farmers pain points.

How Neorufy help farmers

Real Time health monitoring

Animals are the main assets of farmers, Neurofy is providing a unique Point Of Care (POC) helping farmers to monitor their animals health and the products produced by these animals in real time.

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Early detection of diseases

Knowing that different diseases have different impacts on the farmers total business, the early detection of animal diseases are key to a sustainable animal farm business. Neurofy controls the effect of any disease on products.

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Product quality control

Farm animal health and the quality of the products produced by these animals are mission critical for farmers. Neurofy controls the effect of any disease in milk and meat products.

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Our approach

It should be easy for farmers to diagnose their crops and animals. The results should be obtained in a matter of minutes for farmers to be able to take necessary actions to save their animals and crops

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